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Christmas Lighting & Decorating Trends in 2023 -

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Christmas Lighting & Decorating Trends in 2023

During the Christmas Season, no matter where you travel, you'll find yourself treated to the delightful sight of home and business exteriors beautifully decorated with an array of holiday and Christmas light decorations. These festive illuminations are an indispensable and cherished part of the holiday season.

As we prepare to embrace this festive spirit in 2023, it's time to take a closer look at some of the captivating Christmas lighting trends that will illuminate our spaces with a fresh wave of charm and wonder.

LED Christmas Lights & Tree Wraps

The White Christmas Light Trend

If you're yearning for a magical White Christmas filled with the warmth of twinkling lights, you'll find your perfect match in a delightful array of White Christmas Lights trending this year. Let's dive into some examples of this trend below.

Tree decorated with warm white lights

During this holiday season, Warm White Christmas lights will be a popular choice for outdoor lighting. The slightly golden hue emitted by these holiday lights adds an elegant touch to any outdoor setting, creating a welcoming and cozy atmosphere.

During this festive season, homeowners will adorn their trees outside with warm white string lights and captivate passersby with the enchanting glow.

If you're planning to try this out yourself, you never know when you might trip off that tall ladder in your attempt to reach higher tree branches, so safety comes first. Consider hiring Professional Lighting Installers or using Trunk Trappers, a unique form of Christmas decorative lights which showcases an illuminated grid pattern specifically designed for encircling tree trunks.

Pure White Holiday Lighting Trend

Pure White Christmas Lights emit bright and pure white light without any tint of other colors, hence providing a clean and clear illumination.

This year, anticipate the use of pure white Christmas lights in conjunction with warm white Christmas lights for crafting outdoor wreaths and garlands.

In combination, the warm white and pure white lights will play off each other harmoniously, creating a balanced and visually striking arrangement.

The contrast between the two types of lights will add depth and dimension to the overall design, making it more eye-catching and dynamic.

Multicolor municipal lighting

Multicolor Lighting Trend

This trend is all about the artful blending of various colors to create a burst of festive joy.

You'll come across a fantastic combination of colors featuring Blue, Green, Red, and Pink, which will embellish the exterior trees. Adorning the rooflines, you'll find charming Blue string lights adding to the festive ambiance. And to top it off, Warm White String Lights will be used for the garlands, wreaths, and some additional trees.

Candy Cane Lighting

The Candy Cane Stripes Lighting Trend

Inspired by the Candy Cane, this festive season, you'll witness a stunning display of lighting, as a beautiful combination of Pure White and Red adorns the rooflines. Pure White string lights will be elegantly draped over garlands, wreaths, and the exterior trees. At the same time, the vibrant Red Net Lights will beautifully illuminate the foliage.

Whether you are preparing your home for a residential celebration, organizing a public event, or illuminating a commercial or municipal space, it's essential to consider not only the aesthetic appeal but also the safety and expertise behind the installation. Hiring professional lighting installers and lighting designers can make a significant difference in ensuring a seamless and safe lighting display.

Just like the ubiquitous Christmas lights, Christmas tree decorations are an integral part of the festive season. Christmas trees stand tall as the epitome of festive cheer, and as the days grow shorter and colder, the tradition of adorning the Christmas tree becomes a cherished ritual that brings loved ones together. Let's explore the Christmas decorations, colors, and styles that many interior holiday decorators will use for the 2023 Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Decoration Trends


Mushrooms have emerged as the hottest and most delightful Christmas decoration trend of 2023. When we think of mushrooms, the classic brown-capped and red-and-white varieties often come to mind. But this Christmas season, get ready for a delightful twist.

Prepare to feast your eyes on an array of ceramic, wooden, and glass mushrooms, adorned in a mesmerizing palette of trippy colors. From Electric Blue and Neon Green to Radiant Orange, Neon Pink, Trippy Turquoise, Acid Yellow, Hypnotic Red, Fluorescent Magenta, Cosmic Indigo, various shades of pink, and even the glittered ones.

Fluffy stars

These stars are neither the Tree-toppers nor the metal or glowing star decorations on the Christmas tree. Fluffy stars are those soft and cozy star-shaped decorations made from plush materials, and many will find their way onto Christmas trees this coming festive season.

Flocked Christmas Trees

Grab that synthetic snow dust and add that snowy appearance to your Christmas tree yourself, or purchase an already flocked one, because this Christmas, they are anticipated to be all the rage, spreading the holiday cheer with their delightful wintry charm.

Forest creatures

This festive Christmas season, a delightful array of bottle brush deer, raccoons, chipmunks, elves, pixies, and gnomes—charming Woodland creatures, blending both reality and enchantment—will embark on a captivating migration from their native homes to take up residence beneath your cherished Christmas Tree.

Winter Cabin Delight

This trend is all about decorating the Christmas Tree with Winter-wonderland-themed ornaments. Ice skates and light wood sleds thoughtfully placed around the room, will create a genuine sense of being nestled in a cozy mountain cabin.

Inverted Christmas Baubles

This festive season, Inverted Christmas Baubles will gracefully adorn the branches of Christmas trees. Inverted Christmas baubles are ornaments designed to hang upside down from the Christmas tree. They are typically spherical or teardrop-shaped, with an opening at the bottom, allowing them to be suspended by a hook or string. The idea behind using inverted baubles is to create a unique and eye-catching display, giving a different perspective to traditional Christmas decorations.

Bake Shop Delights

Gingerbread Cookies, Cupcakes, Rolling Pins, Whisks, Spatulas, Donuts, Aprons, and Cake Slices are some of the Baking ornaments that should be hung on your tree this Christmas season If you want to embrace this trend.

Complete the look with the final touch of Nordic-style felt mice.

Grand Glamour

This decoration trend is all about using fancy ornaments from both olden times and modern days to adorn your Christmas Tree.

Christmas Color Trends

Burgundy Trend

Step into the holiday season with the allure of Burgundy, the deep, rich, and warm shade of red, reminiscent of the color of red wine from the Burgundy region of France.

This year, Burgundy takes center stage as one of the captivating Christmas trends.

Infuse your festive decorations with a touch of luxury and opulence by incorporating the enchanting Burgundy hue.

Barbie Christmas Spectacle

The heart-warming hue of love and compassion is set to dominate this Christmas season's festive decor. This year's Christmas trees will emanate a charming Barbie-inspired theme, with pink as the prominent color for the holiday decor which will showcase a diverse array of pink hues, ranging from soft pastels to richer, deeper shades.

The Earthy Tone Trend

From the warm autumn hues of trees' changing leaves to the sandy color of the beach, earthy tones are colors that resemble those found in nature.

They include the mellow shades of green, brown, gray, red, rust, beige, orange, Khaki, yellow, olive, Terracotta, moss, and Taupe.

These colors exude a warm and cozy vibe, imbuing spaces with a sense of comfort and natural charm.

For Christmas 2023, opt for a traditional green Christmas tree adorned with ornaments featuring warm hues like terracotta and rust. To add a touch of whimsical charm, artfully integrate a delightful array of woodland creatures, including but not limited to Jackalopes, elves, Gnomes, foxes, deer, and owls, both from myth and reality.

Consider showcasing some mushrooms alongside the woodland creatures.

The Merry Chroma Trend

It is characterized by vibrant, bold, and joyful colors, creating a lively and youthful atmosphere during the holiday season. This trend encourages people to embrace a more exuberant and unapologetically cheerful approach to their festive decorations.

Mix and match Electric Blue, Hot Red, Sunny Yellow, Magenta, Turquoise, and Tangerine when choosing ribbons, garlands, wreaths, and ornaments, and create a playful and visually exciting display full of a burst of color.

Frosty Serenity Trend

Drawing inspiration from the classic Scandi color palette, this snow-kissed variation will capture the hearts of many this coming Christmas season.

This trend blends serene ice blue, reminiscent of frozen lakes and clear skies, with elements of cream that add softness and warmth, white that accentuates the pristine beauty of a winter landscape, and the subtle glimmers of pale gold and silver that mimic the sparkle of sunlight on snow, to bring to life a stunning winter wonderland scene.

Candy Cane Stripes Trend

The Candy Cane Stripe trend draws its inspiration from the beloved holiday confection, the candy cane. Those iconic red and white stripes evoke memories of childhood wonder and joy, making them the perfect choice for infusing your holiday decor with a sense of nostalgia and warmth.

To embrace this charming theme, consider mixing and matching various shapes and sizes of Christmas tree baubles featuring classic red and white stripes.

Fear not to incorporate a few glittery or metallic pieces alongside them, as they will add an extra touch of sparkle to your festive display. Crafting beautiful bows from ribbons featuring the iconic red and white pattern is a delightful way to adorn the branches.

Additionally, utilizing warm white lights will bestow a magical glow upon your tree.

Of course, no Candy Cane Stripe-themed Christmas decor would be complete without the mischievous elves. Incorporating these whimsical characters into your overall design will undoubtedly add an element of playfulness and charm to your festive arrangements.

To culminate the enchanting display, crown your tree with a red and white star or a traditional candy cane-shaped tree-topper

Regal Gold Festive Glamour

Gold, a timeless symbol of luxury and prosperity, will have a spot in the Christmas decor this year. This warm, lustrous hue effortlessly elevates any room, imbuing it with a sense of grandeur and elegance that perfectly complements the festivities.

One of the most exquisite choices is to pair luxe gold with black, consider using glimmering gold ornaments and accents set against a backdrop of deep, velvety black.

If you prefer a softer ambiance, consider harmonizing gold with white and cream.

For a more natural and earthy vibe in your Christmas decor, pair gold with the rich, earthy tones of green.

Soft Pastel Christmas Delight

This forthcoming Christmas season, anticipate the sight of evergreen Christmas trees, lovingly flocked with snow accents, and tastefully embellished in soft pastel ornaments, featuring hues of peach and pale pink.

Christmas Decor Styles

Paper-centric Festive Style

Christmas decorations and even entire trees will be made of paper.

This trend is ideal for those passionate about eco-friendliness and DIY Christmas Decor.

This trend is related to the heartwarming Homemade Trend that involves families coming together to create personalized gifts like knitted scarves, handmade candles, and bespoke photo albums, as well as Christmas decor such as hand-painted stockings.

These creative and meaningful items are crafted by the families themselves, leading to lasting and cherished moments spent during the process.

Hands-On Holiday Trees

This year's Christmas will see the trend of tactile trees.

Tactile Trees incorporate Christmas decor that is meant to be touched and felt, adding an extra sensory dimension to the festive experience.

Botanical Christmas Tree Trend

This trend is all about enhancing your Christmas tree decor with natural picks like Pampas grasses, dried lavender, roses, dried cranberries, or red hawthorn berries. For an exquisite finishing touch, Pinecones can be used as the tree-toppers.

Modern Minimalist Christmas Tree Trend

This trend is all about substituting the traditional Christmas tree.

Choose either a wooden or metallic tree sculpture. Hang a horizontally oriented wreath, collect fir and twigs in a flowerpot, or get a potted weeping fig and add the Christmas decor of your choice.

From the captivating charm of color trends and lighting to the diverse array of decoration styles, this holiday season, you have the chance to add your own unique touch to the celebrations.

So, which trends are you planning to try out?

Wishing you a happy Christmas holiday and a joyful New Year in advance!

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