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2019 Trends in Outdoor Holiday Lighting

This year’s outdoor holiday lighting trends are all about marrying form and function. Tech-enabled, green technology optimizes your decorations for convenience and cost-effectiveness – for an investment you can feel good about. And, by mixing and matching lighting styles and color tones, you add more dimension to your display, while showcasing your home’s unique features and instantly upping your curb appeal.

When you upgrade your exterior holiday decorations and lighting, you’ll instantly make your house the celebrated centerpiece of your neighborhood. Here are three of the biggest outdoor lighting trends we’re looking forward to this holiday season:

1. Beyond Red and Green: Neutral Shades Also Reign Supreme

Vibrant, eye-popping colors have long been a staple in holiday lighting. In 2019, bright reds and blues and warm shades of green and yellow will continue to dominate the scene, but we’ll also see them mixed in with deeper, more understated shades and hues.

Deep burgundy, navy blue, neutral greys and metallic tones will also infiltrate indoor and outdoor holiday décor. Adding in minimalistic, elegant components, more decorators have been incorporating forest green garland and wreaths, silver and gold accents and overlaying vibrant colors with more neutral backdrops and details.

2. Eco-Friendly LED Lighting Creates an Evergreen Style

Although this year will feature more natural tones in addition to traditional holiday color schemes, going green with holiday decorating will never go out of style. That’s why LED lights will continue to be a top trend in holiday décor this year.

Residential LEDs use at least 75 percent less energy than incandescent lighting, and they last up to 25 times longer. That translates into higher long-term cost savings, as well as a much smaller environmental footprint. Plus, as LED technology becomes more advanced, there are thousands of color options and hues available from which to choose.

2019 Trends

3. Tech-Enabled Upgrades and Controls Kick Christmas Lights Up a Notch

Using LED lighting isn’t the only way you can go green while saving some green this holiday season, however. This year, more homeowners will find ways to integrate technology into their displays, for more cost-effective, energy-efficient lighting.

Automated lighting systems and electric timers save you time and money, while also often being more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Since you can program your lights to automatically turn off at a set time each night, your beautiful light display is much more convenient and hassle-free with tech-enabled timers. You don’t have to worry about leaving your lights on all night, which wastes energy and can quickly raise your utility bill.

Other technology, like Wi-Fi and smartphone-enabled commands, also give you greater control over your lights – no matter where you are. With this technology upgrade, you can more easily adjust your lighting, switch up your display and more conveniently turn your lights on and off from anywhere.

Decorative and dynamic outdoor lighting displays are the key to a picture-perfect holiday scene at your home. By incorporating technology upgrades and leveraging LED technology for your colorful display, you can save a lot of time, money and hassle – and spend more time with your family over the holiday. Plus, your eco-friendly, on-trend décor will be sure to make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

This holiday season, make things even easier on yourself, and leave it to the professionals to expertly design your holiday lighting display.


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